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Important: Campervan Hot Water Heater Issue

Important: Campervan Hot Water Heater Issue

Nov 11, 2019    Nathan Bitcheno

Tourism Holdings (THL) have been advised by the suppliers of the “Suburban” gas water heater (that are used in their motorhomes) that some of the water heaters manufactured between 04 April 2018 and 01 August 2019 may have a potential fault.  As a result, this could impact some of the Maui motorhomes, and a handful of their Britz motorhomes produced during this period in both Australia and New Zealand.

THL have not yet received direction from the Australasian State and Territory regulators on the matter, except to say that the affected Suburban Hot Water Heaters must not be used.  Therefore THL have taken action accordingly with the impacted fleet by turning off the Gas Hot Water Heater system in the impacted vehicles.

As THL have not yet received any notification from the regulators nor Suburban Hot Water Heaters on the rectification process, THL have decided not to wait and take action now and have started to replace the affected units with replacement hot water heaters to mitigate the impact on customers rentals.

In the meantime, should THL receive direction from the Australasian regulators they will provide us with an update accordinagly.  That direction could be that the situation has been resolved and the Gas Hot Water Heater system can be turned back on or, alternatively, they may require a full recall / replacement of the affected units.

With regards to customers picking up now and in the near future who have booked a vehicle that is impacted by this potential fault THL are doing everything possible to work on a satisfactory solution as follows:

  • THL are offering an equivalent or better vehicle that is not impacted where available.
  • If the above option is not available, THL are advising customers that we have been instructed by the Gas Regulators that the gas hot water heater cannot be used until we hear further information from them.  However, all other facilities in the motorhome can be used including the gas cooker on which they can heat water.   The shower can still be used with cold water (which at present has been welcome news to customers as we are experiencing some very hot days).
    Anecdotally, and from THL’s own experience, while the shower in the motorhomes is excellent, customers tend to use the holiday park facilities for showers in most Australian and New Zealand parks. However, if customers are wanting to freedom camp, THL are offering a portable solar hot water unit to use or if customers want to purchase one while travelling, THL shall refund them accordingly.  Should the situation change and the gas hot water heater can be used while the customer is on the road, THL will be in contact and instruct how to turn the hot water heater system back on.
  • If the above is not acceptable to the customer, THL will work with the customer to find an acceptable solution including offering an older or smaller vehicle where available and refunding the customer with the difference in price.

Any further updates we receive, we will provide further information on our website.