Exchange Rates

The exchange rates published are the “Buy TT” rates from our bank (Westpac NZ), as these are the relevant rates for buying a foreign currency. Note that there is a discrepancy between this rate and the “Sell TT” rate, which is often mistakenly quoted by some agents.

This rate is valid for a period of 7 days from the time the invoice is sent out.

Please Note: There is small incremental buffer included to counter any fluctuations within the time period before payment is made.

NZD rates: USD 0.615 0.57

Getting around NZ

Rental Cars

With well-maintained roads and the ability to explore at your own pace and in your own time, a self-drive is a very popular option when travelling throughout New Zealand.

With rental cars available to hire from all of the main centres and airports, clients can set off from nearly anywhere in New Zealand. Clients will also be able to choose which car they wish to drive depending on their budget or taste, with small cars, 4WD’s, mini vans and luxury sports cars all available.

Pacific Destinations owns and operates it’s very own self-drive product, REST New Zealand Tours, getting clients off the beaten track and experiencing an itinerary that is a little bit different from the standard self-drive itinerary.

Visitors to New Zealand should be aware of any potential costs that can be incurred when renting a vehicle, including insurance, fuel, cleaning costs and fines if they are incurred. Some rental car companies don't allow their cars to be driven on unsealed roads (of which there are a few, often near the beach or in the back-country), so make sure your clients are aware of the terms and conditions of hiring the car.

A driver’s license is necessary to drive in New Zealand, although if your clients have an English language license or an International Driving Permit then they can drive up for up to 12 months.


Seat in Coach

Catching a bus or coach is a low-cost option that many travellers prefer. It's the relaxing way to sit back and enjoy the gorgeous New Zealand scenery passing by.

Buses and coaches connect passengers to towns and cities across the country, big or small. InterCity span the length of New Zealand with regular, daily services – but many other local companies will do the same, so do some research if you'd like to find your clients a competitive fare.

Clients also have the ability to buy unlimited travel passes, offering them a cost effective option when wanting to simply hop on and off as they please within a certain period of time. And if you're arranging group travel, many companies will tailor the experience to suit your clients' needs, including offering commentary.