Exchange Rates

The exchange rates published are the “Buy TT” rates from our bank (Westpac NZ), as these are the relevant rates for buying a foreign currency. Note that there is a discrepancy between this rate and the “Sell TT” rate, which is often mistakenly quoted by some agents.

This rate is valid for a period of 7 days from the time the invoice is sent out.

Please Note: There is small incremental buffer included to counter any fluctuations within the time period before payment is made.

NZD rates: USD 0.625 0.595

NZeTA and IVL Update

Kelly Leonard
Aug 07, 2019
Kelly Leonard

New Zealand ETA & IVL Update
August 6 2019

Immigration NZ has now confirmed the NZeTA visa website is now live for processing NZeTA visa applications online. From 1 October 2019, all travellers from visa waiver countries will need to hold an ETA before travelling to New Zealandimmigration.govt.nz/nzeta

How to request your NZeTA

You can now request an NZeTA visa online using the web form - nzeta.immigration.govt.nz

  • The cost for an NZeTA is:
    • NZ$12.00 per person if complete online
    • NZ$9.00 per person if using the app
  • Please allow up to 72 hours for processing time
  • Australian citizens do not need an NZeTA

You will need:

  • A valid passport that you will use to travel to New Zealand
  • A credit card or debit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • An email address

International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL)

If you are entering New Zealand you must also pay an IVL, which funds tourism infrastructure and helps protect our natural environment. You pay the IVL at the same time as you request your NZeTA. The IVL costs NZD $35.00

Where to go for more information

  • To learn more about the NZeTA and to see the full list of eligible countries, visit immigration.govt.nz/nzeta
  • Immigration NZ have also created a toolkit with additional information and communication in reference to the NZeTA.

Frequently asked Questions:

Do visitors in transit also need an NZeTA?

Travellers from visa waiver or transit visa waiver countries who are in transit through New Zealand are required to hold an NZeTA from 1 October 2019, even if New Zealand is not their final destination.

Who does not need an NZeTA?

New Zealand and Australian passport holders and travellers who hold a valid New Zealand visa do not need an NZeTA.

When should travellers request their NZeTA and pay their IVL?

You should request your NZeTA well in advance of your trip to New Zealand. It can take up to 72 hours for an NZeTA request to be processed. You can request your NZeTA and pay your IVL at immigration.govt.nz/NZeTA. The NZeTA is only required for travel from 01 October 2019, when it becomes mandatory.

If you do not hold an NZeTA when you check in for your flight or cruise, you will not be allowed to board. You may be able to request an NZeTA upon check in, but if Immigration New Zealand (INZ) cannot process the request in time, or if your request is refused, then you will not be allowed to board.

International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy

The IVL will be introduced alongside the ETA and will cost NZD $35.00 for each person travelling to NZ. Once paid, the IVL will last as long as the ETA is valid.

Travel agents can help you with your NZeTA

A travel agent can download the NZeTA mobile app or visit immigration.govt.nz to assist passengers with their NZeTA request.  

Passengers will just need to supply the following information to the travel agent (they must have the passengers consent for this):

  • Travel document details (passport).
  • Biographic details (photo).
  • Contact details (email).
  • Information that enables INZ to determine your eligibility to travel to New Zealand without a visa (such as a declaration about a criminal conviction history).
  • Information about the purpose of your trip (such as whether you are travelling to seek medical treatment).

The information provided will be used to confirm whether you are eligible to visit New Zealand and will be checked against other information available to INZ, such as the International Lost and Stolen Passports list.