Exchange Rates

The exchange rates published are the “Buy TT” rates from our bank (Westpac NZ), as these are the relevant rates for buying a foreign currency. Note that there is a discrepancy between this rate and the “Sell TT” rate, which is often mistakenly quoted by some agents.

This rate is valid for a period of 7 days from the time the invoice is sent out.

Please Note: There is small incremental buffer included to counter any fluctuations within the time period before payment is made.

NZD rates: USD 0.625 0.595

Milford Sound Car Park

Kelly Leonard
Sep 25, 2019
Kelly Leonard

Please note for any self-drive clients wishing to park their car at Milford Sound from Tuesday 01 October 2019, there is new car parking charges that apply.

For any clients wishing to park their vehicle in the main Milford Sound car park, there will be charge of NZ$10.00 per hour which is payable by credit card only.

As an alternative there is 80 car parks in the Deepwater Basin Park & Ride area, just outside of Milford Sound, which remain free of charge and will be serviced by a free courtesy coach transfer. The courtesy coach departs every 15-20 minutes and transports customers to the Milford Sound Cruise Terminal.

In order to manage customer expectations, it is worth noting that Milford Sound do anticipate these free car parks will fill up very quickly in the mornings of busy summer months.

In an effort to maintain a positive customer experience in Milford Sound, we would ask that you please highlight to customers of the relevant parking charges mentioned above (which we will also highlight in our communications where applicable) and recommend they appropriate a good amount of time to locate a car park and/or be shuttled to the terminal for their Milford Sound cruise. Our recommendation is that customers arrive in Milford Sound at least one hour prior to their scheduled cruise departure, and up to one and a half hours prior to their scheduled cruise departure in the peak of the summer period. 

This applies to any customers travelling on any Milford Sound cruise that are wanting to self-drive into Milford Sound.

This initiative has been introduced by Milford Sound Tourism Ltd to assist with alleviating the on-going traffic congestion that occurs in Milford Sound, especially during the busy periods.

It is a good opportunity to encourage your customers to consider joining a Milford Sound Coach and Cruise day trip ex Te Anau or Queenstown where they can be in the best possible position to sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful road to Milford.

For more information regarding car parking, please visit the Milford Sound Tourism website https://milfordsoundtourism.nz/parking