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Hanmer Springs Development

Hanmer Springs Development

Dec 17, 2018    Nathan Bitcheno
Hanmer Springs Development

Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa has announced plans for five new thermal pools and a new aquatic thrill ride. The development will cost $4.3 million and open in late 2019 with construction scheduled to begin in April 2019. 

These new additions will be environmentally sustainable with half of the energy required to run the new pools and slide coming from a heat transfer unit that will utilise energy which is a bi-product of our electricity generator.  The pools are designed to be super water efficient with no holding tanks.

The five new pools will sit among river boulder terraces and native gardens on what is currently a grassed area next to the Rainbow Pools. “They’ll become a popular place for visitors to sit and soak in our famous mineral-filled waters, listening to the sounds of the waters cascading over rocks and waterfalls. 

The new 13.5 metre high slide will attach to the complex’s existing hydroslide tower and sit next to the SuperBowl, where the complex’s AquaPlay area currently is. The new additions will further enhance the pool's offering, providing more options for relaxation and fun, as well as improve on current environmental and sustainability practices.

Reminder that Hanmer Springs is a short 90 minute drive from Christchurch, making it the ideal day trip or overnight option during your visit to Canterbury.